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Supply Chain encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, and all logistics and freight management activities. The emerging requirement for resources in the continually growing market, demands recruitment consultants that are dedicated to closing the gap between supply, demand, all logistics and freight activities with suitably qualified people. Oasis Recruiting is able to assist in finding competent candidates in the various fields such as procurement, production, logistics, freight as well as warehousing and distribution.



We serve various clients in the light and heavy manufacturing fields. Our clients include companies in the steel fabrication, paper and pulp industry, tobacco manufacturing process, telecommunications services and transport services.



We provide talented engineering candidates to an increasing number of engineering projects, to keep pace with the country’s infrastructural growth path. Oasis Recruiting is able to supply engineers in various technical fields such as civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, construction, mining and other specialist fields.



An industry that continually reinvents itself, and has a continually expanding framework, requires recruitment consultants that are up to date with trends and requirements – Oasis Recruiting provides this to both its clients and candidates